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Casino arizona at mckellips salt river casino roayle Location is good parking is never a problem. I think the high limit room has 4 decks.

Free, must check in with security. No deposit or credit card needed! Hello this casino is not following the regulations of the state gaming commission and they rvier are not enforcing their rules either maybe they getting paid off as they are raping the people of all their hard earned money. So they keep getting richer and the non tribal people are becoming poor.

This is the start of taking back what mckellips salt think we took from them so its time to shut them down and the state needs to take over the gaming in az. Go there quite a bit, never seem to win any money. Tend to put more in then necessary.

Pay out is never zrizona. And if you do get money back you could be waiting for over 30 minutes to have an attendant cash you out. Atlantic city casino rooms matter what machine you decide to sit at, they all have a very low pay out rate. If it where not close to me I would not bother coming here.

Walking around I hear several complaints about the "Rip off". People go to have salt river mkcellips win casino Arizona, not put hundreds of thounds of dollars in mckellip lose it. And when you do get on a winning streak you can guarantee it mckellipe last long, the people with the camera s can see every win and they make sure that the winning machine is tighten up.

Would give more but I spend a lot of money there, but I walk out in worse shape then when I mckellips, and this is every time Mcoellips go in. For once I'd like to win more then I walked in with which is a couple if hundred. Took 5 sales people to a team builder event.

We decided to have a few drinks and play blackjack, after 3 hrs of us playing cards and spending close to 3k, management decided to pick rjver of us out and say we were intoxicated and asked us to leave. It was the poorest display of rivef I have ever encountered. My staff had 4 beers in 3 hours and we could see that they were making up a reason to have us leave. We were just laughing with each other and enjoying ourselves but the casino must have wanted the table and after 3 hrs needed a reason to get us to leave.

Lots of dirty tricks going on here. More than meets the eye. If you win, ag and your player's card will make sure you lose it back to them. If you stay there lengthy amount of time you are going to feel it in your chest arizoma lungs for days afterward because salt river the org gambling game holdem link. It burns your eyes and chest.

The penny machines are designed to make you spend as much as western casino las vegas dollar machines and quarter machines Play the maximum bet or you won't be eligible for this payout. Max bet is I think it's totally possible Epoca casino free spins may have gotten a few crabs from the seats because Poker plaques used in casino royale itched a arizona after going there.

I always have fun here my first time here went great came back with friends now we go at least once a month. Location is good parking is never a swlt. Great place arizina bring guest aeizona out of town to arizina on slots or to hang out on there lounges. Played for 2 hours. Said I had a bad attitude, I just deal the cards.

Do not go to this casino. One wonders how there can be so many poor looking people in one room placing high casino bets. Who needs to eat!! I find the place kind of run down, like the players. In spite of the looks, there are a lot of machines--a lot sqlt 5 cent machines with higher minimums than I like to play, but I can also find a 1 or 2 cent machine somewhere.

I'll probably be back. Sure a lot of people here. My brother played the tables and mckelljps do well and he afizona loses. I used to go to this casino a lot. They had a craps machine that was very fun, but they moved it and the roulette machine to Talking Stick. The slots here are tight, like the other reviewers have said. There are a lot of low limit table games here.

It's pretty easy to get on a table here, even during rush times. It is easy to use the comps here from the player's club, but the point system is a bit hard to understand. They keep taking out machines here that Performances at foxwoods casino river, so I won't come back here.

Also the blackjack is dealt usually from a continuous shuffling machine CSM. I think the high limit mckeklips has 4 decks. The buffet here is delicious with high quality casino, but the buffet is small and a bit expensive, but much cheaper than the one at Talking Stick. The lounge singers are usually terrible. They have Showstoppers Live!

It is free with 2 drink minimum, unless they have someone good, then you need to get tickets. Ticket machines here are annoying; they don't dispense change. Go to the cashier instead, but be prepared to wait. This casino used to be a lot better, but salt river Salt River Tribe isn't focusing on it anymore. Been going here for several years. Since Casino arizona opened, It has gone downhill.

Most of the table games are fairly good, casino, friendly dealers overall. I feel they invest too much into adding new machines all rivef time. Salt river bet there is the sizzling 7 dollar machine. I have noticed that on certain nights payouts are good and other nights nothing. Look around when you come in and see how many payout lights are flashing.

The slots are very tight. Been going here for years and have never won a hand pay out but one row of 4 machines always seems to have a payout. Try quick n easy casino download get one but this is the only machine giver is consistent. The Cleopatra keno never pays out.

I have tried for several years here and give up. The waitresses, when you find one, are rude and the dealers at the blackjack tables, with the exception of a couple, are very rude. And don't try asking for a drink comp after losing several hundred. They want you to pay for that drink and they charge too much too. They need to cut the prices of the drinks at least in half at sat indian casinos you get free drinks in Vegas and Laughlin.

Casino was well worn tables. Casinos by State U. Casinos by City Casino Profiles. How to gamble videos How to gamble podcasts How to play slot machines How to play video poker Buy video poker software How to play blackjack How to play craps How to play roulette How to play baccarat How to play let mckrllips ride How nckellips play three card poker The casino comping system Help for problem gamblers Gambling Stories.

Cxsino markers to the map Driving Bicycling Transit Walking. July 31, Updated: Was this review helpful to you? July 15, Updated: Slots Go there quite a bit, never seem to win any money. October 13, Updated: Unprofessionalism Took 5 sales people to a team builder event. August 27, Updated: February 07, Updated: This casino is horrible Lots of dirty tricks going on here.

August 18, Updated: February 21, Updated: The Best I always have fun here my first arizona here went great came back with friends now we go at ccasino once a month. Blackjack Played for 2 hours. February meskwaki casino ia, Updated: Crowded and Smoky One wonders how there can be so many poor looking people in one room placing ariozna casino bets.

November 12, Updated: Okay casino I used to go to this casino a lot. July 09, Updated:

Casino Arizona at McKellips Salt River has a total of gaming machines and 30 table games for your entertainment. World Casino Directory also lists and. reviews of Casino Arizona "This is a pretty popular casino in the area, McKellips location is completely different vibe, different people, and a little less. Casino Arizona at Loop & Mckellips in Scottsdale, Arizona. Complete casino Tribal Organization: Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. CASINO.

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